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Restoration Services in Southeast Michigan

Mold Remediation

After your home or business undergoes water damage, it is extremely important to have a complete inspection for mold.

When it begins to develop in your home or business, mold will produce dank, musty smells and contaminate parts of your building. Over time, mold spores in the air will create respiratory problems or serious allergic reactions.

C3 will come in and stop mold growth in its tracks to prevent mold from fouling up the air in your home or business.

Mold Removal and Restoration Process

When the mold remediation specialists from C3 arrive, we take every step necessary to ensure mold is not only removed, but also won’t grow back.

Our Technicians will:

  • Do a complete survey of the building to identify the source of the mold
  • Remediate the damage caused by the mold
  • Restore the building to the condition it was in before mold formation

Sometimes mold grows in hard to reach places like beneath wallpaper or behind wood floor boards. Our technicians are extra thorough with inspection, removal and restoration to ensure you and your family will not suffer health risks from mold growth.

When you contact C3, expect us to arrive promptly regardless of the time. Our IICRC-certified technicians are ready to go 24/7 to serve you in remediating mold growth or to restore your building from fire or water damage.

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