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Restoration Services in Southeast Michigan

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire is a universal threat to home and business owners. Even if the fire department extinguished the fire in time to salvage your house, you’re not finished yet! Putting out the fire was just the beginning. Now you need to call C3 Restoration Services.

When C3 arrives, we’ll first assess the situation to see what the best plan of attack will be. Then our restoration experts will seal off any openings in the roof or walls created in the fire. You don’t want rain pouring in through a new hole burned into the roof. Once the opening is covered and secured, the water damage will be taken care of.

Long Term Harm

Once the risk of water damage is taken care of, C3 will concentrate our attention on removing all the soot leftover from the fire. While the flames can destroy a home, leftover soot remaining on surfaces will continue to react to materials long after the fire has stopped. If not cleaned properly in a timely fashion, oxidation and discoloration will continue to damage all parts of the home. It will only take days after the initial spark to permanently discolor and rust the inside of the property.

When the home is cleaned, we’ll restore the damaged portions of the home to look just like they were before the fire broke out. Our 24/7 service ensures we’ll be available to give you the care and attention you need when you need it.

Fire damage remediation services include:

  • Wall, ceiling and floor repair
  • Smoke damage repair
  • Carpet cleaning or replacement
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Water damage repair

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